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CarX Street mod apk is a action-packed street racing game that takes the excitement of illegal urban racing to a whole new level.
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CarX Street mod apk is a thrilling and action-packed street racing game that takes the excitement of illegal urban racing to a whole new level. In this modded version of the game, players can expect an enhanced experience with unlocked features, more cars, and unlimited resources. Get ready to burn rubber, drift around corners, and leave your rivals in the dust as you race to the top of the street racing world.

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Gameplay of The Crax Street Mod Apk

In CarX Street, players get to embrace the thrilling freedom of becoming a street racer in a dynamic open-world setting. As they enter Sunset City, they are welcomed with a plethora of exciting challenges that will test their driving skills and push them to their limits. Whether it’s burning rubber on the highways or weaving through the bustling city streets, every race feels intensely realistic and adrenaline-pumping.

As players progress, they’ll have the chance to participate in top-speed drift races, showcasing their mastery in controlled slides and hairpin turns. Developed by the creators of the acclaimed CarX Drift Racing 2, this game promises an immersive experience with stunning graphics and mechanics that capture the true essence of street racing. Will you accept the challenge and become the legendary street racer of Sunset City? The roads await your skills and determination.

Features of The Crax Street Mod Apk

Choose driving style

CarX Street is an exhilarating racing game that offers players the ultimate freedom to choose their driving style. Whether you want to experience the adrenaline rush of driving at top speeds on straight stretches or master the art of drifting through challenging turns, CarX Street’s modded version, known as CarX Street, takes the excitement to a whole new level. Pushing their driving skills to the limit and dominating the streets with their customized rides.

Join thrilling clubs

In this game, the ultimate racing experience awaits you! Join thrilling clubs, take on formidable bosses, and showcase your skills to claim the title of the city’s top driver. With adrenaline-pumping races and stunning graphics, immerse yourself in a world of high-speed action and become a true street racing legend.

Pick out parts for your vehicle

This game allows you to customize and enhance your vehicle to its fullest potential! With this modified version of the game, you can pick and choose from a wide range of parts to upgrade and optimize your car’s performance. Unlocking 100% of its potential, you’ll be able to dominate the streets with your personalized and powerful ride. Get ready to race, drift, and show off your skills in this thrilling mobile racing experience.

Buy houses for your cars

In CarX Street, you have the opportunity to purchase houses where you can store and showcase your amazing car collection. Additionally, the game lets you create different collections for each thrilling race mode. It’s an exhilarating experience that allows you to customize your cars, explore diverse race tracks, and compete in intense street races against other players.

Fuel up with the right gas

In this adrenaline-pumping racing game, fueling up is crucial for dominating the city’s race tracks. Make a pit stop at the various gas stations scattered around town and choose the perfect gas to power up your ride.

Dynamic day/night change

If you’re interested in experiencing dynamic day/night changes in a car racing game legally, I recommend checking this game from our website “” for racing games that offer this feature. Many legitimate games provide day/night cycles and realistic driving experiences.

A detailed car-building system

CarX Street is a popular racing game that offers players an exciting street racing experience. In this modified APK version, players can enjoy a detailed car-building system, allowing them to customize and upgrade their vehicles to their heart’s content. From the engine and suspension to the body kit and paint, every aspect of the cars can be tailored to suit their racing style.

Swap parts and trick out your car

Players to customize their cars with various parts and modifications, creating the ultimate racing machine for a specific race. With the modified APK version, players can access exclusive features and unlimited resources, making the gameplay even more thrilling and enjoyable. Get ready to hit the streets, show off your fully customized ride, and dominate the competition in adrenaline-pumping races.

Upgrade System

CarX Street is a thrilling racing game where players can take their driving skills to the next level by customizing and upgrading their cars. In this modded version of the game, you can enhance various aspects of your vehicle, including the engine, transmission, body, suspension, and tires. With these upgrades, you’ll be able to dominate the streets, outmaneuver opponents, and leave a trail of dust behind as you race towards victory.

Admire the modern, high-quality graphics

CarX Street is an exhilarating racing game that offers players an opportunity to indulge in breathtaking, modern graphics and explore a vast open world. The game takes racing to new heights with its high-quality visuals, bringing the streets to life with stunning details. Gamers can immerse themselves in the thrill of street racing as they navigate through the expansive urban landscapes, showcasing their driving skills and competing against other players. CarX Street’s captivating visuals and open-world environment make it a must-play for any racing enthusiast seeking an adrenaline-pumping experience.

Key Features of The Carx Street Mod Apk

  1. Unlimited Money: The mod apk provides players with unlimited in-game currency, allowing them to purchase and customize their dream cars without any financial constraints.
  2. All Cars Unlocked: All the vehicles in the game are unlocked from the beginning, enabling players to choose from a wide range of powerful and stylish cars for their races.
  3. Top-Speed Drift Races: The mod apk still includes top-speed drift races, allowing players to showcase their drifting skills and compete for high scores.
  4. Easy Installation: Installing the mod apk is a breeze, and players can quickly get into the action without any complicated procedures.
  5. Enhanced Performance: The modded version optimizes the game’s performance, ensuring smooth gameplay even on lower-end devices.

No Ads

CarX Street Mod APK offers a thrilling racing experience without the annoyance of disruptive advertisements. This modified version ensures that players can fully immerse themselves in the gameplay without any ad interruptions.

How To Download Carx Street Mod Apk?

Step 1: Search for the Mod Apk Look for our website “” or forums that offer modded versions of CarX Street. Use a search engine and include specific keywords like “CarX Street Mod Apk” to find relevant results.

Step 3: Download the Apk Once you find from our website, click on the download link for the CarX Street.

Step 4: Enable Unknown Sources Before installing the mod apk, you need to enable installation from “Unknown Sources” on your Android device. Go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources, and toggle it on.

Step 5: Install the Mod Apk Navigate to the location where the downloaded mod apk is stored and tap on it to begin the installation process.

Step 6: Follow Installation Instructions Follow the on-screen instructions to install the mod apk on your device. Once the installation is complete, you should see the CarX Street Mod Apk icon on your home screen.

Step 7: Launch the Game Tap on the CarX Street Mod Apk icon to launch the game. Enjoy the additional features and unlimited resources in the modded version.


In conclusion, CarX street mod apk stands tall as the ultimate mobile racing game that promises an unmatched racing experience. With its jaw-dropping graphics, extensive car customization, and engaging gameplay, it has earned its place among the top racing games on the market. So, buckle up, put the pedal to the metal, and embark on a journey filled with adrenaline, thrill, and the joy of drifting!

What's new

- The ability to connect controllers.
- New mode: Free Drift. .
- New club: Savage, based on the new Free Drift mode.
- New buttons on the pause menu that will take you to the global map and the Store.
- New car: SI3, and an updated model for S18.
- New special offer: Nitro Sideways.
- Updated interiors of the Tuning and Styling auto shops.
- The logic of the class mismatch notification window fixed.
- Frequent crashes in races when restarting the race fixed.
- General bug fixes.



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